I just had a glance through our Facebook Fan page and it’s really inspiring to see all the effort that travelers are making to raise funds for the school expeditions or gap year travel with us. Recently I heard that some chap has been sitting in a tub of baked beans outside his local supermarket to raise a few extra pounds. Now that’s innovation and determination! We know its not easy but we also know that there is so much more gratification in working hard to raise money for your trip especially since it is all about helping towards a cause greater than ourselves so hat tip to all! Meanwhile, we thought that this little fund raising story might be an inspiration to you. A group of lads who call themselves the Chuckle Brothers Football Club undertook a ‘fun run’ the other to raise funds for the various projects run by Camps International by way of a thank you as Camps had sponsored their football kits for the season. They set themselves a å£500 target and shot through that it no time and as of today have raised å£706! Big thanks to these chaps and for everyone out there raising funds, good luck – you know it’s worth it. And don’t forget we are here to help you in any way we can!