In preparation for the arrival of school teams at our wonderful camp Borneo this summer, Anna and I have the laborious task of visiting Malaysia ourselves- it‰Ûªs a hard life! 5 days in and it feels we have been here forever and we never want to leave- I am officially in love with Sabah! Although it has been a real whistle stop tour I have been nothing but enamoured with not only the culture, people, landscapes and wildlife, but also of course the incredible work being undertaken by our volunteers over here! Sabah really is a stunning place with such diversity between the hustle of towns such as Sandakan and Kota Kinabalu compared with the tranquil settings of the hilltops, mountain and jungle, there really is so much to see here and so much great project work to be done to help the amazing, friendly and welcoming people of Sabah, Borneo. So far this week we have been to visit all of our camps across Sabah in the preparation for our school teams who start to arrive today!!!! We have been to Bongkud- our brand new team camp where we also got to try our hand at their traditional bamboo dance- nice try Anna, at least we were able to give the locals a good giggle- Anna however is now convinced that she is a pro!? Following Bongkud we headed out to Batu Puteh- our amazing jungle camp which is accessible via a boat ride along the incredible Kinabatangan river- where we were extremely lucky to spot an Orang-utan in the wild!!!! We were so excited I‰Ûªm surprised we didn‰Ûªt capsize the boat! We have also been to visit Sabah Tea plantation and had spectacular views of mount Kinabalu along the way- this is no M25 journey! A quick boat ride over to the stunning island of Mantanani enabled us to visit the community, the school for whom we are building a pre-school and the camp and project sites- all lovingly overseen by Aida, our camp manager. Of course we couldn‰Ûªt leave without taking a quick dip in the beautiful turquoise waters to cool off- jealous anyone? Everyone here is really excited to welcome our teams in and get stuck in to the project work! Bring on the shovels!