On Friday we brought you tales from our volunteers and Camp staff about our Peace One Day activities in Kenya! If you missed them you can catch up by clicking on the below Camp links: Camp Mwaluganji Camp Muhaka Camp Makongeni Today we’re bringing you what we got up to Camp Tanzania, straight from Tommie; our Tanzania Country Manager (he da man!), take it away Tommie… Peace One Day at Camp Tanzania This year Camp Tanzania were at it once again. The 21st of September was another truly memorable day just like the last. Camps led by example, and marked Peace One Day with lending a helping hand to the needy. All roads led to a little village in Rau in the outskirts of Moshi. This is where Tuleeni home is found. This institution houses 45 children ranging from 0-17 years. We have supported the home with food and medical needs before so our presence was not much of a surprise at all. However, this time round we were armed with nails, hammers, saws and a huge number of camps staff and our volunteers. Our objective was to help them build some pigpens (sheds). A well-wisher had donated three piglets. The centre is run by donations from individuals, churches and other institutions. More often than not, the centre fends for itself and rightly so, relying on hands outs is not the best option anyway. Hence the introduction of small scale income generating ventures. Apart from the piglets that they have just acquired, the centre rears goats, cows and have a bit of poultry farming going. They are trying to be self-reliant and use the proceeds made from the sale of their produce to pay school fees and cover medical expenses among other essentials. Thanks‰Ûª very much to all our volunteers for your participation and I believe that 21st September was a day very well spent. Check out more photos on our Flickr page HERE