GEMS American Academy just had their first Camps International experience as part of their Week Without Walls Program. They spent a week in Tanzania at our camp in Moshi, working to improve the conditions of a local school nearby, learning lots about local culture and tradition and of course going on an unbelievable safari in the Ngorongoro Crater National Park. They were a wonderful group to have with us so asante sana for all your great work and sharing your thoughts with us… Ismail Alfahim: When I first got to the camp I was excited that I will help some kids by painting their school. We brought so many supplies for the kids. When I first got to the school I just fell apart. When I saw the children‰Ûªs eyes as they sang us local songs, I wished I could give them everything I have ever owned. When I saw the kindergarten class I just thought back to GEMS and how lucky we are to have what we have. We completely remade the school and handed everything out. We had fun and learned so many things. Overall I think this trip opened my eyes and helped me see life from a completely different perspective. Untitled Connor Sullivan: I remember coming into the airport and seeing all the crickets everywhere and I said to myself ‰ÛÏit‰Ûªs not going to be like home‰Û. I‰Ûªm not saying it was horrible, in fact, it was the best. The tents and area were good, toilets were good and I have the best stories to tell because of this trip. We had good fun. Helping out with the kids at school was great, playing soccer and fixing the shower was the best. Overall I loved this trip. Sepanta: Arriving at Kilimanjaro airport, the first thing I noticed was the cricket sitting on a table in the airport. That gave me my first indication that I was in Africa. We met Tommie and Eliphas and both seemed like incredibly nice people. We drove to camp and the scenery was incredible. Everyone in Moshi was friendly and wanted to greet us. The camp was beautiful and was a great size. The school was big but run down. The children were incredibly happy to see us. Fixing the school was a great experience and I felt like we really made a difference. The kids were incredibly happy to receive supplies and were fun to teach. The safari was the most incredible experience I‰Ûªve ever had. Overall, the food, shelter and experience were great. Untitled Vincent Wright: I must say I‰Ûªve had such a great adventure so far like helping poor children in Moshi town, taking some pics of Mount Kilimanjaro, going to theåÊ NgoroNgoro Crater. I have never seen such awesome beasts and creatures. Thanks Camps International for helping us and supervising us to go on this wild adventure with you. Khalaf: The first thing that stood out to me and I liked to do is fix the school. Also I‰Ûªve learned that you do not need to waste papers, pencils and pens. It also was amazing to see children have new things and a new classroom. Kevin: When I arrived here it was different, the airport was small and when we were on the bus going to the campsite. It was amazing. I really liked the painting the school, I felt really good when we finished. The school kids were happy and that‰Ûªs what made me feel good. Untitled Spencer Cain: That was my second time in Tanzania, I haven‰Ûªt been since 2010. The first thing was arriving at Kilimanjaro airport seeing the familiar place brought happiness and I remember thinking that this is going to be a great trip. This was definitely a ‰Û÷lad‰Ûªs trip‰Ûª. Just seeing the state of the school we were working at it was in such state of TLC. The kids there were so cute and just adorable to watch and interact with them. We had an awesome time chilling, having so much freedom to walk around the town of Moshi, everyone was super nice and I would recommend this trip for those of you who don‰Ûªt mind getting your hands dirty and having a truly awesome time. Moustafa Abdul Haleini (aka Mufasa): At first I was disappointed, all I saw was mountains after mountains after mountains but after I got to camp and then to Father Neville School, I saw potential waiting to be exploited. So we set to work and we did it in the time of four days. We had repaired and painted a building and we gave all of our donations by the end of the fifth day. After that as I have served the community well. Untitled Alex M: We arrived in Kilimanjaro on the 2nd of February and unpacked our luggage. On the 3rd of February we went to the school and started to do the sanding and cementing in preparation for painting. On the 4th we went back to the school and started to paint the first coat of paint. After working very hard we even had time to do the second coat of paint and make a water drain for the school. On the 5th we finished painting the building. On the 6th of February we just added decorations to the building and gave our gifts to the children. When we were done with the day‰Ûªs work we even got to play a school vs. school football match. The same day we went to the orphanage to give our clothes, afterwards we got to go shopping at the market. The day after we helped a lady with her farm and left to Arusha. Once in Arusha we went for a safari trip to see many animals, we saw animals such as lions and elephants. Overall the trip was great and it was a once in a life time experience. Ameer: So, today I arrived to Africa (Tanzania). We came to help students and building and fixing their school. Once we arrived to the school and saw the classroom it was a mess; the walls had holes in them, the paint was in a very bad condition. GEMS American Academy decided to organise a school trip to the school and provide help to fix the school. We first emptied the classroom and cleaned it, then we started sand-papering the walls so we can paint it later. We finally finished sand-papering and cementing the broken stairs. Once we finished everything we started with the paint. We decided to paint the wall blue, it took a few days to finish but it was worth all the hard work seeing all those happy students made us happy. It was a very good experience for my friends and I. Untitled