Well, It’s a New Year ,New Gappers in Our New Camp, all pleasantly enjoying the Camp Tsavo incredible environment and the services from our friendly staff. The group has been working solidly on a new boys toilet block in one of the local schools close to our Camp.They are all having a fantastic moment and this is what they have to share…………..

When we arrived at the camp we were all pleasantly supprised at the stunning landscape surrounding us. The camp fully embraces a traditional Kenyan culture with 3 to a banda, lovely bathroom facilities and welcoming, friendly staff. The camp consists of 2 girls (Ellie and Connie) and 6 boys (Josh, George, Tom, Michel, Mike and Tom) originating from The Netherlands and the United Kingdom; all getting along very well and keen to get down to work.

We had a talk from Steve the legend and part time goat wrestler to explain his goals and ambitions for the project. All the staff are extremely passionate and stress the importance of drinking a lot of water in the extreme heat.

The main project we are currently undertaking is the contruction of a long drop toilet for the boys of Itinyi Primary School, the nearest school to the camp. At first we had to excavate a hole that had been previously dug but had fallen in due to heavy rains.

Once this had been completed we started to build up the wall by mixing sand and cement in a wheelbarrow and putting it around the bricks that had been delivered or made there. A layer of reinforced concrete had to be put in to provide strength to the overall structure.‰

We have now reached 12 feet through the group’s ability to work as a team and the enthusiasm of the Camps International crew. The community appreciates and resepects the fact we are not by any means skilled masons, shown through their actions of helping put away the tools at the end of a hard days work. Although the work may be tiring, the feeling of satisfaction after a long days work is beyond comprehension.‰


‰The first Saturday we arrived at the local woman’s group; literally next door from the camp, who welcomed us with a ‘what’s mine is yours’ policy. The group, led by a woman labeled by the community as Mama Mercy, because of her motherly attitude towards the community, who described in detail what she had accomplished with a possitive attitude and strong ambitions. Following this we helped with the bi-annual harvest of cowpeas.

We were then showed how to extract the peas from the crops using traditional techniques. A simple but effective method. She then told us about how it would have taken her 2 weeks to complete the harvest herself but we had managed to do it in 1 day. Her and all the womans group apply the ‘many hands make work light’ attituded to lots of work that they have to do.

The following day we travelled to the farms in the local community and vaccinated the goats against worms.

The vaccines were bought by camps international, too expensive for the farmers to buy themselves. This gave us the opportunity to meet some of the locals and help them at the same time. Overall we managed to vaccinate 87 goats and we all had a great time doing it. We are all looking forward for the next week!

Jambo Kenya! (hello)

Karibu! (welcome)


Blog by Ellie,Connie,Josh, George, Tom, Michel, Mike and Tom