The week was fully loaded with plastering and playing with Kids, just like any other week, we enjoyed walking and working along with local children. Plastering the Muhaka Islamic school library, has been our main project and glad we can see it getting better every day. Indeed, it is a hard and challenging task (understanding the ratio between sand and cement then mixing with water and sticky it on the wall) each day we find our self-getting stronger and we always meet the project target set for the day.

As usual after breakfast we start the short but strenuous walk being dragged along by a cart carrying water and cement bags down to the site of our main project, which is plastering the local Islamic schools library.

After mixing up a bag of cement it was onto the plastering of the outside wall. This day we all felt was marking an end of an era due to the fact it was the last day that we would have more than four people working on the project, as three of our fellow gappers were leaving early this week. Over the next two days the overall moral in camp was downcast as the departure date for Ellie, Tom B and Michel loomed. It was an emotional goodbye all round as we all were and will continue to be really close friends. Having three gappers leaving our grop put our number down to just three as Mike (the legend) was off all this week climbing Mount Kilimanjaro I, Lara and Tom W felt the camp to be extremely empty after they packed and left for their various destinations.

However throughout the week we all got used to the space and the quietness the others left behind. We still miss them dearly but life in Camp Muhaka goes on.

We proceeded with our project; plastering, plastering and more plastering – let‰’s just say all three of us are rapidly becoming experts! Our progress has been amazeballs, we have officially completed one length of the outside wall (the biggest side I might add!).

After A LOT of plastering all week we were looking forward to a different agenda on Friday.

That Friday we took a well-deserved break from physical work and immersed ourselves in community activities. In the morning we visited a local nursery where children ages 3 to 7 go to learn. We spent the first half of the morning in the younger class listening to the children practice their language skills, we did this after overcoming the obstacle of making some of the younger children cry.

This, we think, was due to the fact that they had never seen white people before – or so we hope. J During break time we played games with the children and took many a selfie with them as they were all fascinated with our phones and cameras (and they were just adorable!). We then moved into the upper classroom where we introduced ourselves to the children who then proceeded with their maths class.

This consisted of the teacher asking the children to say numbers 1 through to 20 and then picking a number to colour in. I was really impressed with how well behaved the children were along with how much enthusiasm they put into pronouncing the numbers.

In the afternoon we once again joined Goods for Girls who make washable sanitary pads and distribute them to girls at local schools. We were split into teams, myself and Lara making the pads and Tom W attempting to make a pillow from the remaining material. This week we were allowed to have a go on the sewing machines which resulted in Lara almost breaking one, so in the future we aim to keep her at a safe distance from them.

This week had lots of ups and downs and we are greatly looking forward to a relaxing weekend on which we plan to visit a local market, the beach and hopefully replenish our energies to carry on with project work next week. We‰’re all having a great time and no one is scared anymore from the monkeys and bush babies screaming in the middle of the night, jumping across the mango trees, searching for mangoes around the Camp.


Blog by Connie&Lara