Like so many of the school teams who travel with Camp International to Kenya their time in country is just so full of activity, excitement, emotion and reflection. Sometimes so much that it is hard to put into words….   As soon as we drove into the Camp Tsavo we received a huge happy welcome from camp manager Sammy and his team. KARIBU CAMP TSAVO! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Everything was well organized åÊand were shown our home for the next few days. The entire team were lovely and the food was absolutely delicious. THIS IS GOING TO BE GOOD!!!!! DSC02514 We all åÊloved the elephant dung paper challenge and the activities in the bush skills. Making the shelters was fun turning it into a competition also gave it an edge! DSC02544 Ontop of all the activities what has been brilliant is the way we have all bonded really well, especially as we have been stuck in a truck traveling through Kenya together loads. We‰Ûªve only just arrived and seen and done so much!!!! We even managed to fit in a game of footie. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Peter made us all sing ‰Û÷one way or another‰Ûª while we were working at Sassenyi Primary School, this took our minds off the hard work and we had a blast! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA While at the school we dug trenches for the building foundations and made gabions to help control the masses of water from the mountains . O OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ……everyone worked really hardåÊåÊand got completely covered in mud! O   We were so glad when we got back to the camp and got showered. Then we were rewarded with a great afternoon game drive! DSC02540DSC02541 Our last meal at camp Tsavo was great especially the onion bajjias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you all at Camp Tsavo for everything!!!!!!!!