Despite the rains (which we are all thrilled about), work is well underway at every project and our gappers and lifers have all got their hands dirty doing one thing or another. Yesterday, I went up to see our volunteers at Stephen Kanja Primary School as Patrick our camp manager, told me that the group in house have been so keen to get the additional ablution block up, which has partially been funded by the Raj family that they are up at 6am everyday! Me too but that’s to go to the toilet but not make one! Good on them and a big thanks to all our current Life group who have contributed financially as well. Matata and Ibrahim were really excited about just how quick the work is going that they stood in the rain to pose for me! Meanwhile, down the hill at Camp Muhaka, the gappers are literally getting their hands dirty at the tree nursery where we are helping the local community to build up their tree stock for creating a buffer zone at a sacred forest in the area that has been under threat by people cutting trees down. It’s a great little project as we are planting trees right around the forest that are renowned for having a high oil content in their seed. The jatropha biofuel project is being done with WWF and we are all very excited about the possibility of buying oil from the community for lighting the lamps at our camps. These are really exciting times at Camps as our projects are increasingly growing stronger as we work closely with communities to streamline priorities and find ways to support activities that are environmentally friendly and have a lot of potential to create income. Kaya Muhaka has so much potential for being an amazing getaway for the day to walk around in this enchanting sacred forest and head back to the beach in the evening for a dip in the ocean. This summer, we will be working on creating nature trails and also erecting a little information centre so for those of you coming out, don’t forget your gloves! There’s a lot of digging to be done!