It is our second month in Kenya and we all feel inspired by the work that we‰Ûªve done so far and most important, the difference that we are making to the people‰Û_‰Û_

To begin our final week in Camp Tsavo, we started by undertaking a project work at a local primary school (approximately a 40 minute drive Kenyan time) called Sasenyi. The purpose of this task was to construct an access point to remove the requirement for back braking maneuvering in order to fill water cans. Firstly we dug a hole approximately 4X5 foot directly underneath the water tap.

Preceding this we then covered the base of this hole with a thin layer of cement before building a small wall to surround the hole to ensure that it would have adequate longevity. The purpose of the base was to ensure the school kids can fetch water easily from the tank.

After spending two days on this project we returned to Itinyi Primary where we made bricks using a concoction of mud and water. It took us an hour to ensure the mud was ready to make bricks. The function of these bricks is to be used in building a computer lab.

Making these bricks was a very interesting task to learn, especially as we learnt this skill from an ex-brick maker. Getting to mix the mud was fun as we had to get our feet dirty as we could not use the technique used to mix sand and cement.

For our final day we visited Marungu Tree nursery where we prepared forest soil to be used for potting. We managed to pot 311 bags in one morning and planted a variety of indigenous seeds such as; Need tree, Moringa and farming seeds such as Mango.

We also managed to water the planted seeds, the seedlings will now be taken care of by the Marungu tree nursery members until they are ready to be handed over to the local community members to be used in their farms. This experience was an eye opening task, providing a great insight into the exact process required in ensuring the continuation of indigenous species in this region as a way of conserving biodiversity.

Our stay in Tsavo Camp has been real awesome, staff are friendly and ready to help 24/7(at any given time). The community is welcoming with all smiles. We lack words to explain how joyful we are, to be part of Camps family. Watch out for the next blog when we arrive in Camp Muhaka.


Blog By: Mike, Tom.B, Tom.W, Michel, Constance,Lara and Ellie