Anyone that chooses to be a responsible traveler is by nature a unique and special type of person. Perhaps the fact that they are unique is unfortunate because if everyone was a responsible traveler, I doubt we would have as many problems in this world as we do. Anyways…here’s the deal. Diani, where our home is (yes, that’s what others would call “the office”)åÊ home to lots of unique and special people too, and yes, that includes a very special clothing brand called Lalesso which even the great names like Sienna Miller have worn. Set up by Olivia Kennaway, (one of our own from Diani!) and Alice Heusser, the Lalesso brand was inspired by the intrinsic patterns and vibrant colours of the Kenya’s coastal traditional attire, the kanga. This little story told by Olivia has so much synergy with us – not just because one of our gappers is the star. Lalesso is not just another fashion brand but like Camps International, is one that is based on social responsibilities…Hat tip to Mill! The Diani weekend beach bar hang out, Forty Thieves, is many things, but a model scouting hot spot, who would have thought? I managed to persuade my good friend Leo to ask Mill Levy, who would later transpire to be a Camp Kenya volunteer, if she was a: A model and b: Be interested in modeling for Lalesso (a clothing brand that she had clearing never heard of). As I watched from afar I realised the situation that my good friend Leo had gotten himself into and that no matter how genuine one might be, a guy asking a hot girl in a bar if she is a model just doesn‰Ûªt fair lightly! So I stepped in and apparently managed to convince her that we were a legitimate and genuine company and so the ball got rolling… The rest of the Lalesso shoot crew arrived from South Africa, VC the photographer, Ernstly his assistant and Alice, the other half of Lalesso. With Camp Kenya fully committed and ever helpful assistance, Mill arrived at the final hour, quite literally. Mill is from Melbourne, Australia and has been with Camp Kenya for nearly 2 months. During the dates of the shoot her group was out in their camp in Tsavo, so we had to get her back to Diani, about a 4 hour drive away. A long story short but she missed the first bus coming back from Tsavo and finally arrived back in Diani at midnight. We were to start shooting at 6:30am the next day! So straight to bed for some not so much needed beauty sleep and we were all up at dawn to catch a boat to the sand bar at the reef for the first shoot location. Mill settled in really well and we were all delighted with the first set of pictures. Back to land and straight in a car off to the next shoot location at The Funzi Keys, an island about an hour south of Diani. Some more fantastic pictures including a great sunset scene on the islands airstrip with the owners little cesna aeroplane as a ‰Û÷prop‰Ûª in the background. Back to Diani for a much needed good nights sleep and ready for another early start the next day. Day 2 saw us all head off to Mombasa. The first location was the beautiful old town where reminiscences of old Arabic trading and culture is rich amongst the architecture and life within the streets. All the locals were totally unphased by this bizarre group hauling around big white screens and making a girl walk backwards and forwards hundreds of times. We captured the African cultural essence that lies within the Lalesso brand with the great rustic backgrounds that Mombasa old town boasts. Next was the old Mombasa train station, which despite it‰Ûªs appearance is still very much in use. Again, both the authorities and by standers were hugely hospitable and let us get on with our work. Day 3 was beach beach beach and there really is no better location than Diani Beach. Sun, sea, blue sky and sand… not to mention the postcard perfect palm trees that frill out along the vast coastline. Just as the sun settled on the horizon on day 3 we got our final great shot at the Tiwi River Mouth, a magical little destination where the Tiwi river mouth meets the ocean and you get one of the most magical sunsets that I have ever seen anywhere in the world. It was a wrap and the champagne cork was popped! [[{“type”:”media”,”view_mode”:”media_large”,”fid”:”3814″,”attributes”:{“class”:”media-image”,”typeof”:”foaf:Image”,”height”:”385″,”width”:”440″,”style”:””}}]] Mill went back to join her group a couple of days later after a bit of R&R and left us with some fantastic images to start our spring summer 2011 launch campaign. She was an absolute super star and whilst she has done a little bit of modeling previously we hope this job has given her the support and encouragement to pursue a very promising talent that she has… so, you never know what possibilities await for you in Kenya! (The images shown will be available in Australia at the end of this year and in Europe/USA next summer. 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