Hola Mundo There is a proverb that says better late than ever, so here I would like to share a special recce to the Galapagos, with Amy Force, a great colleague that came to Ecuador for the first time ever, long time ago with Damian our Director, to find all the great camps in the country. Now, this was her chance to finally see the Galapagos, a unique amazing place in the world. I always say I could live there with all the wildlife as a neighbor and the torquoise water of the ocean but of course dreams cost nothing. So, a few months ago, we left from Quito to the Galapagos visiting the two main islands, Santa Cruz and San Cristobal. Take a look of this great adventure for Amy and for me as well.  

Amy with the first marine iguanas on our way to Charles Darwin Station

Charles Darwin describe them as “hideous-looking” and “disgusting clumsy Lizards”.åÊI disagree completly, they are increible beautiful and are my favorites.åÊAmblyrhynchus cristatusåÊis an iguanaåÊfound only on the GalapagosåÊthat has the ability, unique among modern lizardsåÊto live and forage in the sea,åÊmaking it a marine reptile.

They are great models by the way

Spot the iguana! Can you see it?

Sometimes they can stay undewater for 45 min, eatingåÊmostly seaweed and algae. After being in the water, they can be seen warming themselves on the rocks. Special nasal glands allow them to “sneeze” out the salt they inhale, so they are often seen with white salt marking on their heads. We went as well to a special place to spot Giant Tortoise, the symbol of Galapagos.

Giant tortoise of Galapagos

The Galapagos Tortoise it is one of the longest-lived vertebrales, can live over 100 years and is the symbol of Galapagos. The islands were named “Insulae de los Galopegos” (Islands of the Tortoises) in reference to the giant tortoises found there. They can be very impressive and incredibly heavy about 400kg!

Easy way to make hundreds of pictures

Amy is a great photographer, but never get’s the chance of being in the picture, so here I was making sure she’ll never forgets this special moment shared in complety peace with this kind tortoise.

A gigant human tortoise

Some hilarius representation of how the giant tortoise move around. We did not even try it. But was worth to see the effort on his red face. San Cristobal was waiting for us, the best place for spotting lobos marinos or sea lions, always taking a nap so lazy but when they are in the ocean they can be so fast and playful, specially females with their cat faces are imposible not to stared at them.

At la Loberia in San Cristobal

We went on our wetsuits and dive into the ocean, it was cold but did not matter, 10 turtles came to swim with us, just amazing.

With Pamela our agent in Galapagos

Can anyone see the head of the turtle, one of the 10th

And so it came to the end, it was a great time of seeing new places, discovering the beauty of Galapagos through Amy’s eyes. Thank you! Each Island is special and unique and hopefully I will come back very soon to find the way to reduce some footprints to conserve this place and be able to preserve it for the coming generations.