Sports Coaching Volunteer Project A group of 24 students from Bournemouth University are traveling with us to Kenya in August 2013 on our Sports Development Expedition (SDX) and yet their Expedition has already started. As part of all our sports coaching volunteer projects volunteers undergo several training sessions to enable them to deliver a higher standard of coaching.

Bournemouth University……on a weekend… the snow

Barry Squires is leading this expedition to Kenya and has led it for us in the past with great success. The volunteers on the SDX trip will be involved in improving the sporting facilities at the local schools as well as coaching sports in the afternoons to large groups of eager young people. This expedition is received with great anticipation at Camp Kenya, where students from the local schools have been benefiting from the coaching skills of the SDX groups for the past seven years.

Some of the girls during a problem solving challenge

The Bournemouth University students got their expedition underway this snowy weekend with two days of team building, coaching sessions, problem solving and socialising.åÊ By doing this months in advance the group is better able to plan the coaching sessions for the expedition, knowing who can do what, and finding good working partnerships within the group.

The group does some netball coaching as the sport is becoming more and more popular with girls in Kenya.

We are lucky that this group boasts a range of skills and qualifications, including coaching experience in: football, rugby, tennis, hockey, badminton, swimming, rounders, netball, athletics and gymnastics. There are even some keen dancers! With this wealth of sporting talent, the volunteers in this team will be able to introduce new sports to the students in Kenya as well as reinforce skills and abilities in sports that the young people are already playing.

The group enjoyed a range of activities facilitated by Barry including a short lesson in Swahili

The group are already well prepared, having all booked their flights and assigning roles of responsibility within the team. They now have a Fundraising secretary, Kit secretary, PR person and (perhaps) the most important role, Social secretary. From here on the group will be working together to finalise the arrangements for their expedition. They will be getting together again in May for a second training weekend (where they are hoping the weather will be a little milder) before getting on their flight to Mombasa on August 11th for their four week trip to take part in our sports coaching volunteer projects in Camp Kenya.

Soon they will be in warmer climes

  This expedition is running from August 12th -åÊ September 9th 2013 and is open to all those over 18. No previous experience in coaching is necessary. If you would like to learn more contact us today.