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Week 2 has gone so quick and unfortunately we have come to the end of our stay at Camp Muhaka. Our anticipation is that Camp Tsavo will be much greater with wildlife project element and more forms of project work of which everyone is counting forward to; obviously all of us will Miss Muhaka and its hospitality and the friends that we‰’ve made in the village and at the project, during the two weeks of our stay.

We cannot thank enough the team of Muhaka staff who have been very friendly and obliging and not forgetting our chef Geoffrey, who have been making us enjoy our balance diet every day.

Some staff will be uniting us to the tremendous journey to Camp Tsavo although some will sadly have to remain behind.

Since our last post, we have solidly continued to work on the Mama‰’s House project.

The house has taken a new shape and all of us are proud of our effort so far. The walls have been painted and the floors have been cemented.

Our project leader (Sampuli & Ibrahim) informed us that the next group of volunteers arriving in the country will proceed with doors and windows installation. We all had tears of joy as we handed over the house back to the family.

Complete House

Our last day was filled with fun; we had a cultural day and the day was spent in the village saying goodbye to our little friends in Muhaka Village.

Later in the afternoon we spent time at the local school close to our Camp where we had lots of fun playing and working with the kids, and we enjoyed teaching them some English and Mathematics.

It‰’s Kwaheri (Goodbye in Swahili) to Camp Muhaka and Jambo (Hallo) to Camp Tsavo!

Watch this space for more‰!


A blog written by Jan-Gappers 2016