New improved briquettes Many of you will know Eustace, Camp Manager at Muhaka and many of you will know that Eustace is the kind of man who will not agree with the saying, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” And he has proved it to all of us. Eustace signed up for a computer course only a couple of months ago and now he is on his way to being a fully fledged blogger and photographer! So, in the first of our series of notes from the field this year, Eustace briefly reports on how 2011 has kicked off… The season has started really well and so much has already been achieved in such a short space of time. After briefing the gappers upon arrival, and going through our usual camp, village and project orientation and of course a relaxed weekend on Diani beach before we kick off,åÊ we formed four working groups on Monday morning. This was done because we had three different projects and a new teaching program which are all to run simultaneously. The first group embarked on making desks for Muhaka Primary School. This is because the three classrooms completed by the previous group had no desks and the number of students continues to increase. Desks for Muhaka Primary Group two are involved in building a traditional house for an elderly lady who has no form of income. This particular project is really popular because the homestead is in the interior of the village and gappers can mix freely with the community and the old woman is with them daily waiting eagerly to move into her new house. Last year we built seven houses and our aimåÊ this year is to double that number! Unfortunately, there are a lot of elderly people living in terrible conditions so there is no shortage of just how much we can help. new house going up The third project is based at the Kaya Muhaka Farmers Centre. This is a bit more technical as it not only involves making briquettes but also testing i.e. how long the briquettes burn and also recording data. pressing organic charcoal The fourth group have been teaching at two local schools and have become very attached to the students that it was difficult to rotate as we had agreed before we started the program! Happy New Year to all! Eustace, Camp Manager, Muhaka Welcome to Camp Muhaka!