In November last year Camp Kenya started working with the Chanukeni Children‰Ûªs Centre founded by the Chanukani woman‰Ûªs group. The group is a registered self-help association whose main objective is to support orphans and other needy children. When we first visited the center there were 35 Children, ranging from the age of 2 to 9 years old. The center was built on a piece of land that was donated by a group member who has also undertaken the role of head teacher.

The women‰Ûªs group strives to provide nutritional, as well as medical support to the children, despite the total lack of resources, no kitchen and no adequate food supplies and catering equipment. The medical support is hampered by both lack of transport and personnel. Currently the children leave the centre early to have lunch at home and have their relatives attend to their medical needs. Camp Kenya‰Ûªs collaboration with the group is intended to improve services at the center and to provide extensive support to the children.

åÊOver the first few months Camp Kenya visited the center a number of times to discuss Camp Kenya‰Ûªs involvement in rehabilitating the centre and building an entirely new classroom and sanitary facility. The original classroom was a mud walled, makuti roof (thatched) structure, with a dirt floor infested with Jigger worms. Up to 90% of the children are infested with jiggers in their feet and legs, which is extremely painful and if they are not removed or treated can cause severe disabilities.

åÊOur first task has been to build the children a new classroom and play area with a concrete floor to alleviate the jigger infestation, we started work on the new classroom toward the end of August 2008, Camp Kenya contracted the work out to a local contractor and the main classroom is now finished and the old classroom demolished.

åÊWe have also excavated an existing well that sits on the centre‰Ûªs boundary, the children now have water to drink and wash with.

åÊA combination of diseases and sickness related to poor hygiene such as diarrhea, cholera and dysentery are common among the children, in our hope to relieve the centre of such diseases we have constructed a small sanitary unit for both the children and teachers to use.

The foundations of the new classroomåÊ

The New Classroom at foundation level

With the walls half way and veranda under construction

The new well complete with pulley and hatch.

The new toliet block for teachers and children

The Children sitting on their new tables and chairs built by our Gap clients



Party Time!!