For those of you travelling in 2013 we know that this is probably the toughest point of your year when it comes to fundraising.åÊ Your summer holidays are over and you are starting a new year at school. It may seem like there couldn’t possibly be enough time to raise the money for your expedition… Check this: Cash in the attic……! Think again! Becky Surrey is travelling to Borneo with Neale Wade school next summer and has raised ALL the money for her expedition in JUST 5 MONTHS! We thought that raising almost å£4000 in a year would be nigh on impossible!! We managed it in just 5 months.åÊ How? Through dedication, early mornings, and lots of car boot sales. Check your “attics” for the “cash” you will be able to find it there. To raise my money for the Borneo expedition I had lots of help and support from my mum, neighbours, friends and family. We signed up for the monthly direct debit to spread the cost in-case our fundraising didn‰Ûªt work, but thankfully it did‰Û_We decided to do just one car boot sale from stuff at home and it went very well. We mentioned it to neighbours, friends and family and suddenly we had donations coming from all places.åÊ Everyone had a sort out, even my mum‰Ûªs work mates, and suddenly every Sunday morning was spent doing car boot sales in Wimblington and Fordham. We couldn‰Ûªt have done so well without the support we received, by donating unwanted items to sell at the car boot sale, and the quality and quantity of the donations was amazing, and kept us stocked week after week.åÊ We also invested in two banners, which cost less than å£18, promoting the trip and it made people stop at the stall and buy something.. Car boot sales are so simple and a great way to earn some extra money, the lowest amount we raised was å£80! The most we raised was around å£160, and that was only on one day! At times we could not get into the shed, there really was so much!! We had everything donated, from clothes to an old type writer! We also held two on the day raffles at the car boot sales, with the organiser‰Ûªs permission, going round the other stall holders, and made over å£100 each time, and all the prizes were from the car boot sale donations we received. For us car boot sales were the main earning point, but we also received around å£800 through responses to letters of support that we sent out, from local companies and organisations, as well as people my mum works with within her company. To help get more money I was also putting away half of my wages from my Saturday job each month. It may seem like a lot of work but trust me it‰Ûªs worth it! To go to the Fordham car boot sale mum and I were up at 5am on a Sunday, and not being a morning person I didn‰Ûªt enjoy it much but raising as much money as we did really made it all worthwhile! Put in the effort and the rewards are fantastic! I‰Ûªve had such a great time raising the money for Borneo and I hope everyone else is having a good time too. I hope this helps you get some new ideas for fundraising, if you need any help feel free to contact me on Facebook! Main tips are:

  • Ask everyone you know to have a sort out and donate stuff. Get your parents to collect it all
  • Pick up some stacking fruit boxes from your local supermarket. They‰Ûªre free, easy to store and easy to load up in the car
  • Make sure everything you take is clean and working, a bit of time cleaning something will add value.
  • Hang clothing on rails (they cost less than å£10 but are well worth the investment)
  • DON‰ÛªT OVER PRICE. SELLING SOMETHING FOR 50p IS BETTER THAN TAKING HOME SOMETHING YOU WANTED å£1 FOR, remember, what your selling has cost you nothing.
  • Take bags and some ‰Û÷float‰Ûª money so you can give change.
  • Invest in some banners or make some sign‰Ûªs to get yourself noticed
  • Don‰Ûªt let the weather and early morning‰Ûªs put you off
  • Don‰Ûªt give up you will get there!!

Happy fundraising! Becky Surrey