Jambo! Karibu! Our life at Camp Tanga has been fantabulous, tiring and extremely rewarding.åÊ Many awesome memories have been formed while doing the project work and being around Camp. Our group has done a lot of work on one particular classroom at the local school, in just three days we have managed to re-concrete the entire floor, rebuild the doorway, filled in all the cracks and then painted the room white. Alongside the classroom we completed the veranda and its columns. Most of the hours were spent making cement from sand, water and cement powder. The job was pretty hard going, but still very necessary to get the job done. After came the fun of smoothing the cement floor down, with the wonderful and always grateful help of Fundi, Balah and Winnie. Teaching the children was a particularly incredible experience for everyone who had the chance to do so. We taught the children songs such as ‰Û÷Heads, Shoulders , Knees and Toes‰Ûª and ‰Û÷Twinkle Twinkle Little Star‰Ûª, in return the classes sung traditional Tanzanian tunes to us. Another of our great days included building a mud house with our bare hands. Squishing the mud between our toes to mix the muddy mixture was a new, entertaining experience which generated many laughs. Many bricks have been built and Balla‰Ûªs mum‰Ûªs house is defiantly closer to completion. We also did weaving which for some was frustrating but for others extremely enjoyable. The mama‰Ûªs were happy we had helped them and we were happy we could help. We also helped farm some seaweed which is the main income for many locals. Our help was greatly appreciated, as its a long, tedious job, but with 23 extra pairs of hands we managed to complete 110 lines, giving vital extra income for the local families. This felt very worthwhile because we could see the results of our work. Many of our group were sunburnt but once again many laughs were generated from our experience. Cooking was another incredible experience given to us by the mamma‰Ûªs as we learnt how to make Chapatis and Vishet the traditional African way. All in all our time here has been stunningly epic! An unforgettable life changing experience. Live long and prosper, Love The Princethorpe Crew