Journey to the rainforest. Quite often, when you go to the rainforest, it is raining. Yesterday, we had a journey to the rainforest. The weather down there was fantastic, and this small fact meant that we saw things we have rarely ever seen before.

Antisana volcano – a mere 5704 meters

We drive over the pass, at 4064 almost every week, but this is only the second time I have seen Antisana. It sits right on the edge of the Andes and Amazon, so it gets loads of clouds and rain. Crossing the Rio Napo near Camp Amazonia. The Napo is one of the main tributaries of the Amazon. For us, it was more sunshine and a chance for a little peace.

Hard at work at Camp Ecuador

We hope that the weather is like this when our Gappers arrive in two weeks. The fact is, you are in the rainforest and it will rain, but days like this are very possible.