Here at Camp Ecuador and Camp Peru we are ready and raring to go for our 100% Giving Day. Being behind the clock in time zones, we are actually starting this tomorrow night, the 28th – when we have an event in Quito. I can’t say exactly how many tickets have been sold, but we have been out there chatting to people about what we do and drumming up business for the grand event. 7.00pm tomorrow – one in the morning in the UK, eight in the morning in Borneo and four in the morning in Dubai, we will be getting going: that means, sneakily, we have probably managed to get ourselves to be starting things off, unless the Sandpit is already underway at 4.00am?

The event is taking place in La EstaciÌ_n, in the Mariscal area of Quito. There will be live music and a few beers while we promote the projects and activities of Camps across the world. The Mariscal is the down town centre of night life in Quito, and La EstaciÌ_n is right in the middle of everything. We hope not only to have there the people to whom we have sold tickets, but also drag people in off the street and have a few people who heard our radio broadcast on Saturday turn up, and there are posters up in hostels etc throughout the city.

On the 29th itself, the Crew head off to Camp Kuri Kuchu and the community there. We are feeding the 150 children in the school for the day. The school serves quite a wide area and some of the children walk a long way to school. The school day is early in Ecuador – around 7 to 1.30 – so a lot of children don’t eat lunch until quite late, or not at all. Good luck to all the other regions in their endeavours – let’s make some money for the foundation.