Hello everybody!

Every year on our birthday (29th May) we have started what we have called the Camps 100% Giving Day.  We felt that with all the fundraising various volunteers have undertaken towards our projects over the years, the very least we could do was to give one day a year where everyone in the company committed to some form of fundraising or challenge.  And in line with the Foundation’s tag line of “Giving 100%” (all our donation money goes directly to the project), we felt this was an apt name for the day.  The main purpose of the day is four-fold: Raise some additional funds for the Foundation; Raise more awareness of the great projects we do;  Reconnect our staff team with the projects and realise the great work we do; Have some fun!

The theme for this years Giving Day is “How far can Camps International go!”

So the idea : Since we send volunteers thousands of miles around the world each year, we thought it would be a good challenge to see how far we can go as staff! We will be doing this via a range of sporting challenges to rack up the miles!

This year we have also teamed up across the globe in Dubai, Africa, Asia & South America who will also be seeing “How far they can go” and we will club it all together in a “Pass the baton” style sports event!

The day plan is below:

* Friday 29th May  Fancy dress day! We will aim to look as silly as possible!
* We will be setting up a rowing machine either in the car park or our reception area (Weather dependent), and then each do a stint to earn some miles* if we are particularly sporty‰ do 2 or 3!
* Our regional coordinators will also be taking part in various sporting activities in their areas
* “Guess the distance” we will be asking people to donate and guess the distance we can go!
* Cake sale : We will be doing a cake sale at our offices in Ringwood – feel free to pop by if you are passing!

Please follow us on social media on the day to keep track of the days events and watch us embarrassing ourselves in the name of The Camps Foundation.

If you would like to donate, please visit the following link : www.justgiving.com/campsinternational

Thank you for your support and HAPPY CAMPS GIVING DAY!!