Camp TangaA while ago we blogged about the summer season in Tanzania so those of you who have been following our project diary will have heard about our new Camp Tanga on the ocean front in Tanzania. Pamela Allard, our local program coordinator and the rest of the staff have certainly had there hands full as its never easy to get a new operation going but from all the feedback we have been receiving, we know that Camp Tanga is everything we meant it to be. I asked Pam to put a few words together on what’s been going on in Tanga… The mangrove planting was a great success!åÊ We planted over 1200+åÊ mangrove seedlings in an area that was in need of mangroveåÊ reforestation right in front of the camp! The students worked side byåÊ side with the villagers chosen from the village who have been trained in outplanting seedlings.åÊ The reforestation will hopefully provideåÊ new breeding grounds for many different kinds of marine life, and helpåÊ prevent continued erosion.åÊ It was a great day.åÊ The only casualty wasåÊ a shoe that got sucked of into the deep mud while collecting the seedlings. Planting mangrove seedlings Mangrove seedlings We are also actively involved with seaweed planting and harvesting. During spring tides we are out in the shallows tying lines with the seaweed farmers and offer many hands to help do a very labour intensive job, that allows these women to provide some income into their households. seaweed harvesting During the neep tides, we offer assistance onshoreåÊ preparing the lines that hold the seaweed, as well as working to buildåÊ a boat for the group to use!åÊ This boat will better enable them toåÊ carry more seaweed from the harvesting areas. We are working side by side with a local ‘fundi’ or craftsman to build the boat inåÊtraditional ways that have been used for hundreds of years. Building boats in Tanga On days when the tide isn’t perfect for farming or mangrove plantingåÊ we help the villagers where they are in their homes, preparing and plastering houses using mud and other local materials.åÊ We have learned and offered assistance in preparing local palm thatch for roofs in the area, or for income generation for the householdsåÊ preparing them.åÊ We are improving cooking and sanitation by building fuel efficient stoves and digging garbage pits to better dispose ofåÊ rubbish in the community. Building traditional house in Tanga local energy efficient stove We are also spending time at the secondary school, building twoåÊ classrooms and spending time with the students after construction, engaging in a variety of sporting events. After work, there is usually a pick up game of football on the villageåÊ pitch just near the camp. Sports with the local secondary school in Tanga We have a had a blast this season and looking forward to keeping Camp Tanga growing from strength to strength. This is just the beginning.. (Lots more pictures of Camp Tanga HERE)