Cambodia’s rainy season is in full swing but that does mean that our camp at Beng Mealea is looking amazing with some fantastically colourful flowers and lush greenness and it has become a Tropical Gap Year Garden. When flying into Siem Reap you’d be forgiven for thinking the the whole area was flooded, but it is in fact just the padi fields stretching for as far as the eye can see with their intricate drainage systems designed to keep the water on the land and to make the most of this growing season. In just a month or two’s time, the rains will have moved on and Cambodia will be back to the long, hot, dusty days of the dry season.

Gap Year Cambodia Longhouse at Beng Mealea Camp.

  Han and the team have been hard at work planting and beautifying making this camp fit for entry into a tropical garden competition. Huge blooming flowers, fruits and trees and cheeping birds give this place an extremely relaxing feel. The camp is looking great for our next group of Camp Cambodia Gap year students coming next month. This makes the camp an ideal place to relax in between the very important project work going on around the community, building desperately needed facilities at the school, repairing desks and classrooms, repairing crumbling houses for the elderly, permaculture and much more.

Beng Mealea Camp Kitchen

Beng Mealea Camp Flowers

Tropical flowers on our Cambodia Camp

Camp Manager Han enjoying fresh coconut juice.