Here at Camps we’re always thinking about where we can build our next camp. Stu (the CEO) did a quick straw poll in the office last week on where we’d all like to see the next Camp if we could choose anywhere in the world. As he was wearing a Mexican wrestlers mask at the time, no-one took him seriously so we thought we’d ask YOU!!! Where would be your ideal Camps location if you could choose anywhere in the world? Post a message on our wall telling us your destination of choice and why you think it would be a good Camps destination? åÊKeep it brief because I have to read them all. If you can’t be bothered just put the country name but you might not win. The post with the most likes will win 2 cinema tickets to your local cinema to see the film of your choice. We would give you a free trip to that Camp but it’s not built yet so we thought cinema tickets would be the next best thing. Get posting, get ‘liking’ and good luck!