Daniel is currently in Borneo volunteering!  In order to get there he fundraised for over a year!

Here is his story… During my Fundraising for the Camps International expedition it began to dawn on me how much of a challenge it would prove both physically and mentally. For the main part of my fundraising I participated in sponsored events alongside other students from school who are going, and worked part time as a circus entertainer at a theme park. This provided a steady stream of money going towards the Borneo funds.  My income, however, was slightly slow and a few payment deadlines were very close. Luckily for me, Camps International‰Ûªs support team were there to lend a hand and give me some advice on ways I could raise money.

One of the main challenges of fundraising for me was having a constant knowledge that the money could go towards other things. This was the first time I‰Ûªd had a part time job and the temptation of using the money for things like the Cinema was quite difficult, but after a few talks with parents and friends they always managed to convince me into saving. They would remind me of what a ‰ÛÏgreat experience‰Û it would be. I realise that inside I always knew that the trip would be an opportunity of a lifetime.

unibike Daniel showing off his skills!


diablo2 Look at the height on that

The main thing that kept me going throughout the fundraising was my family. They were constantly reminding me of the things I will see out in Malaysia, and the help I would be providing to something so worthwhile, and the activities I would get to participate in. They also helped me come up with ideas for earning a little extra money. For example they told me to write to local companies to ask for sponsorship. By doing this I earned around å£300, which seemed a small amount in comparison to the total I had to raise, but I always thought of it as a very significant building block on the way to achieving my goal.

Diablo 1 red shoes, red diablo…nice!


My parents also came up with the idea of a sponsored unicycle ride, as circus skills are one of my hobbies and riding a unicycle for 1 mile would prove to be a fun challenge. So, gathering sponsors from my friends and my family and their colleagues, I hopped on my unicycle and with a little extra practice managed to wobble my way to earning around another å£200. As the money from work and sponsored events started to add up I quickly began to realise how achievable it all was. I stopped saying ‰Û÷I might be going‰Ûª and started saying ‰Û÷I will be going‰Ûª to Borneo! I‰Ûªm so excited now. I travel this week and can‰Ûªt wait to see what my trip has in store. I recently received my itinerary and it includes Orangutan Conservation work. Knowing that all my hard work will allow me to have an amazing experience but also help these wonderful creatures makes it all worthwhile.

Thank you Daniel for sharing this inspirational story, we hope you are having an AMAZING time in Borneo! We look forward to hearing all about it on your return.