Mrs Boun Yoeun is 57 years old. Her husband and two sons were killed in the Khmer rough war. After his death, Mrs Boun Yoeun returned to her village but she found her home had been destroyed. Her neighbour helped her to build a little house for her and her daughter, her life was extremely difficult as you can imagine having lost her husband, two sons and her home.  In addition there was a lack of food, especially the staple food source of Cambodia, rice.

In 2008 her daughter got married and had her own children. This story then takes a further turn for the worst, when the husband of Mrs Boun Yoeun’s now married daughter is killed in a road traffic accident in 2013. Again the family faced a tragedy and lost the main source of income, Mrs Boun Yoeun said she lost her dream about living in a proper house.

One day of March 2014 her village chief came to her house and looked around, and asked her if she wants a better house. She thought he was joking. Nearly a week later a group of young people from Camps International walked into her house with the project leader and started digging the foundation. She was very surprised when she told that this group is building a new house for her. She felt that God had granted her wishes and Camps International had made her dreams of a new home a reality.

Started from the scratch in March 2015

The building was up to 30 % in April 2015

The house building was up to 50% in June 2015

The house building was up to 80% in November 2015