Not so long ago, in a little Kenyan coastal village called Muhaka, a couple of strange looking people came along and started talking to the Chief, the school Headmaster and the elders. People started to ask questions like what do they want here? why are they coming to our little village? Then word got out through the passion vine that somebody was putting up a Camp. Up in went made much like any traditional houses in the area and then strange looking people started to arrive with big bags attached to their backs who loved to sing and dance everywhere they went: They were very friendly, always smiling and loved to take photographs. They called themselves, “Gappers“. Nobody had heard of this funny little tribe called Gappers but they seemed like an ok bunch and were always busy building things, planting trees, and pushing children in wheelbarrows… Camp Muhaka Peace reigned in our little village and everyone was very happy. They loved to dance, braid their and eat chapatis but must of all they really loved to work! Classrooms and toilets for the community started to appear everywhere! It’s hot and sweaty in Muhaka but this lot just kept working and smiling: FarmersCentreToiletMuhaka And now that the rains have come, everyone at the school is very happy because these funny people can take care of the vegetable garden the school kids have to revise for their boring old end of school year exams: MuhakaPrimaryVegetableNursery1 Word has it that there are a couple of young ladies called Sammy and Lucy and a few other funny looking people from very far away that tell everyone about our little village called Muhaka, so we just wanted to say you can keep sending them here as they are generally a well behaved lot and we just love to see them smile! Camp Kenya And do take a moment to check out the new Gap Brochure HERE