Stephen Kanja FeedingÌâåÊThe feeding programme at Stephen Kanja primary school is proving to be such a success and as we goÌâåÊalong we seem to be getting more organized, for the first few months we had a bit of trial and error with the prices and amounts of food, i.e. how much everything cost per month and how long did each individual batch of food last. Now I think we know exactlyÌâåÊwhat is required and things seem to be going very well. We continue to pay the cook/parent her salary every month and feed up to 110 children every day. The following is a breakdown of how much food we are currently buying every month:ÌâåÊWimbe: 60kg Sugar: 24 Kg Blue Band: 5 Kg ÌâåÊThe children are very happy with their break time meal every day at 10 am and all the life clients seem to enjoy helping out as much as possible. Initially I think the children thought that the food might run out because once break time came, there was a huge scramble on the kitchen, however everything is a little more orderly now and they form a queue and wait patiently. The younger children sit in the kitchen under the serving counter waiting for their food to cool down a little. The younger children sit under the counter where the food is served, not all children can sit in this small area of the kitchen floor, it is difficult to keep all the children organized when it rains or even when it is very warm outside.

Forming a queue to wait for their food,