Happy Halloween!! Sophie is exploring our Borneo Camps this week so you have me again…its Rachael!  So even though it is halloween and there are probably loads of you having parties and big evening events, Benji has a great story that just goes to show that the little events, persistance and a bit of hard work are just as effective as the larger fundraising events!  Most of you are enjoying your half term at the moment, so I will let Benji tell you all about his fundraising…

I am currently fundraising for the Borneo Scuba trip next summer (2015) and so far am just over half way to my target.

I have done so many different things – My sponsored bungee jump was the most fun.

Several car boot sales, sold things online on eBay, washed cars for neighbours, mowed lawns, cut hedges, sold apples on my Dad’s stall (we live on a fruit farm so there’s no shortage of those around here), planted trees (all good practice in case I have to plant any in Borneo), collected ink cartridges for recyling and litter picked at a local steam rally in lieu of a donation. I am planning a quiz night at the moment and trying to sort out a venue to do a big car wash day in the Spring.

I organised the litter picking weekend for myself and the other 3 boys in my year at school who are going on the same trip. It wasn’t hard work but it was back in June on a very, very, hot and sunny weekend and I was ill afterwards which was my own fault for not wearing a hat or enough sun cream and not having enough to drink all day – a lesson learned for Borneo! But when I went to the presentation evening last week to pick up the donation cheque on behalf of the four of us I was thrilled to be given £500 – so that’s £125 each and worth feeling a bit poorly for!

I think the key to fundraising is not to do the same thing all the time – keep varying it – it makes it more interesting and seems less of a chore then.

Great work Benji! You are proof that hard work and determination go a long way!!  Keep up the fundraising efforts!

Sophie will be back next week – for anyone that wants to talk to her about what she experienced in Borneo then please feel free – otherwise I will probably be listening to it all myself…we sit opposite each other!

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