Even though our Fundraising Guru Sophie is off sunning herself somewhere for a well deserved break, she still managed to send me strict instructions for today…that’s right…it’s Friday, so it is time to feature our next star!

Chelsea isn’t going on her expedition with her school until next summer, but she has already finished all of her fundraising.  Not only has she completed this in 10 months, but she is continuing to fundraise so she can take some donations to Cambodia with her.  That is what I call some epic fundraising – read on to discover how to fundraise with gifts, treats and all things related to having a sweet tooth – lets throw in some ink cartridges for good measure too!

When I first found out about the opportunity to go to Cambodia and volunteer, I thought it sounded like a great adventure and an amazing experience. I started planning right away, and with my mum‰’s help I created a list of possible ways to fundraise.

We decided as Christmas was coming up, this would be the best time to start my fundraising! I thought of possible gifts and treats that I would be able to sell, and I came up with the idea of selling trees made up of sweets and other sweet related gifts.

My mum‰’s school was holding a Christmas fair, and I was invited to hold a stall where I sold sweet trees, sweet mugs, chocolate Christmas puddings and sweet cones. This was a great opportunity for me to kick start my fundraising for Cambodia.

My mum took a selection of sweet trees into work and displayed them in the staff room, which encouraged people to leave us orders. We then created a Facebook page for my trip, to advertise all of the sweet products and to take other orders!

My Nan suggested I could start recycling used ink cartridges as I could do this all year round. When people found out, they were very supportive and gave me their old ink cartridges to recycle.

With my mums help, I made a small selection of cakes for her to take into work and sell to the staff. This went down very well, and we now provide cakes on a daily basis for the staff to buy! This has made a massive dent in the money I need for my trip. It was hard to find the time to bake the cakes and still complete all my coursework, but with help from my family I‰’ve managed to keep on top of it and learn some multitasking skills too!

As the summer approached, I decided (with permission from my mum!) to clear out the house and start doing car boot sales. The items that I didn‰’t sell, I put on eBay, and guess what? I managed to sell it all!

Chelsea at her car boots sale

It has only taken me 10 months to raise all the money for my trip, however I am continuing to fundraise, to buy my kit, pay for my jabs and to purchase gifts to take over to Cambodia with me. The experience of fundraising has been difficult, and at times it felt like I wasn‰’t going to reach my target. With some perseverance and support from my friends and family, I have managed to reach my goal really quickly, and I am now really looking forward to my trip to Cambodia! It will all have been worth it when I get there and start helping.

Now I don’t know about you guys but all of a sudden I have a craving for something sweet and sickly!  Great job Chelsea – it just goes to show what perseverance can do!  Sophie will be back in the office next week so please continue to send her your fundraising stories to be in with a shot of being featured as our next Fundrasing Friday Star!  Email them to sophie.cohen@campsintrnational.co.uk