It‰’s Friday the 13th, and though I‰’m not one to believe in luck (being the most unlucky person on the planet), there was definitely nothing unlucky about receiving a submission for a Fundraising Friday Star from a rather lovely mum for her very hardworking daughter!

So this week, we have a parent‰’s perspective of fundraising, and why it can be useful!

My daughter Hannah Campbell has been working extremely hard to fundraise the entire amount for her expedition, she started off by doing odd jobs like gardening, car washing and baby sitting. She also had a paper round for a while, but she then got a little job in an accountants so that she could regularly put money towards her expedition and keep on making regular payments.

She also did a fewer larger events like a quiz and cake sales to give her a great start for her fundraising events.

One of her biggest events was a Christmas fair on Saturday 15th November, where she raised £715 on the day.

She has also been doing craft fairs, and at the latest craft fair that she organised with Mark Botha at Kennet, together they raised £1016.50.

So that meant £508.25 each!

This is just one of many events she has done over the years to contribute towards her expedition.

We had great pleasure in paying the final balance last week, especially as she raised the entire amount by fundraising alone!

It’s been a journey and she has learnt the value of money doing it all.

Huge well done to Hannah! That moment of paying off your balance is such a fantastic feeling! Have the best weekend, and enjoy your head torch!!!

As ever, PLEASE send me over your fundraising story, it makes me smile when I get to read your stories! What I look for when picking a Fundraising Friday Star is what you felt when you first heard about the expedition, a few paragraphs about what you have been up to so far for your fundraising, any future fundraising plans and some pictures of your fundraising! LOTS of pictures! (pleeeeeease) But the pictures do need to be of a high quality that can be uploaded online‰! no fuzzy mugshots! 😉

Please email all entries to, I can‰Ûªt wait to hear from you all! 😀 Remember, every Fundraising Friday Star will win a FREE HEAD TORCH!

If you win, you will automatically be put into a draw to win an even bigger prize… every quarter we will choose one Fundraising Friday Star to win A FREE RUCKSACK, SLEEPING BAG LINER, TRAVEL TOWEL AND WATER BOTTLE!!! Which means less kit you’ll have to buy.