After a long weekend thanks to that cheeky bank holiday Monday, I was rather apprehensive about how large my inbox was going to be on Tuesday.

Luckily, I got a message that soon put a big smile on my face, a lovely email from a girl named Leah wanting to be our Fundraising Friday Star! Well just call me the fairy godmother because I have granted her wish, and this week Leah is our star due to her success through sheer hardwork and despite complications!

Here‰’s the message I received from Leah:

I remember being sat down with my year group for an assembly and as soon as the trailer for the expedition to Borneo started playing, a big smile formed and stayed across my face until the end when I mentioned it to my parents. It wasn’t until after the presentation that I realised that £3960 was a lot of money to raise, and it was going to be a big challenge. I had planned to go with two friends, and we were going to do some team fundraising but they let me down so I was left all on my own. 4 weeks away from my family seemed like a long time, but I just put that to the back of my mind and focused on building up ideas to raise the money, I can worry about the rest when it comes to it. As soon as my deposit was paid, the hunt for ideas was on…

So far I have:

Done numerous car boot sales, with the best one raising £98!

Held stalls raising between £50, and £100 every time.

Recently held a pig racing event (including stalls and BBQ), raising £363.50 all together.

I also have a dog walking job, where I get paid £50 a week!

I have also managed to raise other small amounts via Ebay and Facebook.

All of this has been possible with the help from my mum, dad and sister.

My future events include:

54-mile bike ride from London to Brighton

Halloween disco

Another pig racing event

Quiz night

Thanks Leah!!! In the interest of full disclosure, because I don‰’t want to hide anything from you guys, this is my confession‰!

When I first read Leah‰’s email, I didn‰’t look through the pictures (and I had just had a three day weekend), so the first thought I had was that she actually raced real pigs around a field. I was so perplexed by the logistics of it, and so impressed with the thinking behind it, that I sat around most of Tuesday deep in thought about pig races… As you can clearly see from the pictures, she raced toy pigs. I felt pretty stupid when I realized, and I‰’m sure you‰’ll all have a good laugh at me now!

To anyone who actually manages to somehow do a pig race, there is a prize in it for you!!!!

Well, only if you send us some pictures at the office to put a smile on our faces!

To be in the running for our next fundraising Friday star, please send your fundraising photos/videos/blogs and websites to Don’t forget to include any newspaper mentions!

Please don’t forget to tag us in your fundraising pictures on Facebook! We love to see what all of you are getting up to.