Last week I received the BEST EMAIL EVER, not even joking‰! An email about free shoes or chocolate could not have put a bigger grin on my face!

I love fundraising, and I love hearing from you guys! So when I receive an email specifically to tell me about your fundraising, it makes me the happiest girl in the world! Especially when it‰’s about an event that I would LOVE to go to!

This week‰’s Fundraising Friday Star is Olivia! She did her very own race night, complete with fake horses‰! 

They say a picture speaks a thousand words so have a look at all the pictures from Olivia’s race night.

Olivia decided to hold a race night with an Italian twist!!! After advertising her event, it sold out in 48 hours… How amazing is that?!?! Olivia provided every person who came with a programme, so they knew what would happen throughout the evening.

Olivia created an Italian theme throughout the night by decorating the venue in Italian colours, she even had traditional Italian waiters and provided Italian food too!!!

Olivia made sure everyone who came knew why the event was happening, and what would happen throughout the time the event went on. She even gave a big thank you speech, just to thank everyone who helped out with the night!

Olivia did amazingly well, and it looks like everyone had a fun-filled evening full of delicious Italian food! She managed to raise over £1000! Amazing!

I WANT A FAKE HORSE TO RUN AROUND THE OFFICE ON! Sorry guys, I may have to get one this weekend, so look forward to hearing all of my horse noises throughout the office next week 😀 

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Send me any story; no matter big or small! I don‰’t mind if you‰’ve raised £2,000 or just £20, I just want to hear from you! Please give me a call in the office and make my Friday smile even bigger by telling me your fundraising story.