Bethany started fundraising in September 2010 and has raised the full amount herself. She flies out to Kenya with Skegness Grammar and åÊCamps International next week. This is her inspirational story…… A few months into my fundraising, I decided that I no longer wanted to go to Kenya. I was concerned about the amount of money I had to raise, felt that I couldn‰Ûªt achieve the amount in such a short time and I also felt that the money I had to raise could be spent on something more useful, particularly university fees (which I would have to pay a year after my Kenya trip). However, I decided to attend one last meeting at my school. Seeing everyone so excited and seeing a presentation about the trip made me realise what a great opportunity I would be missing if I didn‰Ûªt take part and how jealous I would be of those who did. So from then on I was completely committed to the trip and to my fundraising. I raised my funds in a few ways. Firstly, all of my wages from my part-time job at WH Smith went towards paying for the trip. As well as this, I asked for sponsorship from local companies, and earned å£250 this way. My mum helped me to fundraise by doing a sponsored slim with her friends at work. She also got me some extra work folding 700 letters every month and putting them into envelopes for the company she works for. But the best way I found to raise money was by recycling printer cartridges. I asked local companies if I could have their used printer cartridges. Then I used sites such as, and to recycle them for cash. I thought that this was a great idea because, not only did I make almost å£500 this way, but it also helps the environment, one of the key aims of Camps International trips. I would recommend this method to anyone. Postage is usually paid for by the company you use, so it‰Ûªs money for nothing. The key is to be organised, keep up to date with the prices on each site (these can change every week/month depending on the site) and use more than one site to get the best prices for each cartridge. At first I found it difficult to get organized, especially with finding time to sort out all of the different cartridges I had (there were hundreds!). I also found it difficult to stay focused and have the willpower to keep going. When raising such a large amount of money, the amounts I raised seemed really insignificant. But as I kept raising money, the amounts soon started to add up, and before I knew it I owed less than å£1000 and this seemed really achievable after all I‰Ûªd been through. I think that the effort really is worth it because, once you‰Ûªve paid, all you have left to do is look forward to your trip and get ready with all of your friends. It‰Ûªs when the real excitement starts. I think that now I‰Ûªve done my fundraising I am looking forward to the trip, probably more than a lot of my friends. This is because, at one point, I wasn‰Ûªt going to go to Kenya. Also, I have raised every single penny of the money myself, without having to ask my parents to give me some. A lot of my friends had the whole trip paid for by their parents, but I think that fundraising made me prepared for the hard work I‰Ûªd experience on my trip, made me more aware of the value of money and made me feel like I‰Ûªd really earned it. Now I‰Ûªve paid off my whole balance, I‰Ûªm relieved and feel like I can relax now until I travel. I travel in a week and I‰Ûªm so excited! And the best thing is that I‰Ûªve got myself there, without having to rely on anyone. Thanks Bethany