There are times in the life of Camps that we are either starting or finishing something. Sometimes that involves a bit of a party, and we have had a few of those lately. Often at the end of project work the community like to say thank you with singing and dancing. Of course, some projects last for years so occasionally they do this just because a group is leaving so they are saying good bye to those guys. Late last year we had two of these events, one at Camp Amazon and one at Camp Costa; below are some photos from those two parties. At the other end of the process is establishing relationships and projects with communities. Last weekend I had a meeting with, I thought, a few people from a community with whom we are working this summer with the Teams. I arrived with my family, telling my children we would be there for an hour. I was wrong. This was not a meeting with a few people, this was a meeting with the village, complete with local musicians and dancing. The fact that my son accused me dancing like Mr Bean tells you all you need to know about what followed. After the dancing we did have great conversations about the projects and the time the Teams will be with the community in the summer. Among other things, we are hoping that we can arrange a few poncho making sessions, some Quichua lessons and a little more dancing.