Final blog in from Holly and Rebecca who have recently completely their Camp Kenya Gap Year Program. One the main projects they have been working on was to build a larger poultry house for a Youth Group in Makongeni. This has been a very special project for us as part of our efforts to reach out to young people in Kenya and help them establish various income generating projects. What started off late last year with a donation from Sarah Herbert to buy the group some chickens and the group proving to themselves that they can do this led to a small donation from Chris Jarvis to help them set up a small business selling parafin for lighting in the village and the group then being sponsored to play in a Beach Soccer Tournament. Mohammed, the leader of the group is really determined to get members of his group on their feet and set an example to his peers. Their poultry program has been a success and the group asked us to help them build a larger and better house which Holly, Rebecca and team did and then kindly bought the group more chickens… This week was our last week at Camp Makongeni so work on the chicken hut was in full force as we all were determinedåÊ to get it finished in time. Everybody mucked in and through a lot of hard work and determination and a lot of help from all the locals and staff we managed to complete the chicken shed. We are all extremely proud of ourselves and the hard work we have put into this project. On Friday afternoon the local Mama‰Ûªs and children put on an opening ceremony for our chicken shed. They made the place look beautiful with flowers everywhere and they were all dressed up. Each of us who had taken part in the chicken shed were given the opportunity to write our names on a small part of the chicken shed so that we will always be remembered. The atmosphere was something that we will remember forever and was truly special. We were especially grateful to be involved in such a rewarding project and to be working in such a happy and close knit community, each person meaning something special to everyone. It is our last day here in Makongeni before we leave for Tsavo, and the staff have made our last evening here spectacular. It consisted of amazing music, a large spread of food and a show of traditional African dances. This just shows how much the staff have such a huge impact on our trip and go out of their way to make it something special for all of us. We have met some of the loveliest people within in the camp and around the community and made memories we will treasure forever. Thank you and we recommend this experience to anyone!