This is the second installment from the Godolphin group having completed their community project work now focus on taking on the 2nd highest mountain in Africa…. After our time in Mumias, helping clean the community and paint more schools, we moved to Ol Pajeta on the foothills of Mt. Kenya to prepare for our mountainous climb ahead of us. We were briefed about the climb and the sicknesses that could come along side it, but never the less the whole team managed to get to the top of Point Lenana, being the first group to do that this season! We were all very pleased with ourselves and enjoyed taking photos of each other feeling on top of the world. The thought that we have climbed Mount Kenya still hasn‰Ûªt sunk in for all of us but we all enjoyed the challenge. As our reward we got to go on safari in the Ol Pajeta Conservancy which was amazing. We were very lucky to see a cheetah, lion, rhinos and all the zebras, antelopes and buffalos; all very keen to have their photos taken. The safari topped off an amazing three weeks and we don‰Ûªt want to go home! This group was put together as a mix of years and we didn‰Ûªt really know one another but have worked well as a team and bonded while sharing new experiences. We have all learnt so much about ourselves and others around us and we‰Ûªre sure once we are back in the comforts of England, we will be making a few changes to try and make a continuous difference.