Never a dull moment at Camps International. Our Sports Development Program in Kenya and Tanzania has literally kicked off. This year we are focusing on developing youth groups in Kenya and for the first time we have launched SDX in Tanzania. Only into week one and our small group from Bristol based at Camp Muhaka in Kenya have lots to report on… Untitled1 After arriving in Kenya, we were greeted by all the warm and welcoming staff. Our adventure began with meeting the locals and a tour of the local village. We split off into two groups and taught one group how to use computers for the first time and the other created volleyball pitch that would be eventually used for the end of the week competition. The other gappers that we were sharing the camp with were very welcoming and we enjoyed a freshly cooked meal together before heading off for a well needed early night. Untitled2 During the rest of the week we have taught the kids the skills they need for netball, volleyball and football preparing them for a fun day of competition at the end of our stay at Camp Muhaka. They have also improved dramatically in their computer skills and have created power-points and drawn their national flag on paint preparing for a further competition between the two teams at the end of our stay. ICT Training at Trust House We finished the week with a very competitive volleyball tournament and had all of the locals come to watched who also became passionate about the game and supportive of the two teams. As a group we have enjoyed our evenings at Camp Muhaka, playing cards, darts and chatting with everyone. We are very much looking forward to our next week at Camp Muhaka and what it will bring. Untitled