This week we have all been very busy with our project work! With some of the group continuing work on a grey water system in Muhaka meanwhile others have been working on a similar system at Camp Kaya. The work has been challenging in the heat, however we are all excited to finish off our respective projects.åÊ The grey water systems at the community owned forest camp at Kaya will be used to naturally clean the shower water and reuse it in the toilets and excessive water can be stored in the water tank at the tree nursery. Untitled At Camp Kaya we have now seen the project through from start to finish. This has defiantly been a rewarding experience and something we can all take pride in. Untitled In Muhaka, we have continued digging a massive pond at the Trust House Farm which was started in July. This is eventually going to be the main storage for recylced water from the showers at the main camp which will become potable by going through a reed bed. Grey water pond Trust House Both the systems were designed by a local company in Mombasa called Greenwater. Reed bed “systems utilise naturally occurring micro-organisms which break down waste. By providing an ideal environment for these micro-organisms to thrive, it is possible to achieve a significant improvement in water quality within a relatively small area. These systems require no artificial additives and providing a suitable slope is available, need no power source. Maintenance is minimal and breakdown unlikely as there are almost no moving parts. The systems are robust and can handle variable inputs, making them ideal for use at sites with seasonal fluctuations.” Eventually the system will look something like this Others have started to build three energy efficient stoves inside a newly finished kitchen for the local secondary school; this project is expected to be finished and ready for the school to use next week! These stoves have shown to reduce the amount of fuel wood required by 50%. The project has come together through the support of Camp Kenya volunteers, C02balance and Kingston University in London A small group of people have also started to visit the Muhaka Dispensary each day; they have been assisting the four nurses who work there by recording the information of patients who visit the small hospital, as well as participating by taking the weight and measurements of the infant patients. Lastly Natalie and Charlie have started to teach lessons in both the local primary and secondary schools, something they will be continuing in the coming weeks. In other news buckets showers have been enjoyed by aåÊ few of the group this week, forcing all of us to realize how much we take having easy access to water in our own homes for granted.åÊ We have also been forced to become accustom to a one eye browed Hamish, something that has given the four newcomers, Jordy, Prima, Chloe and Stephanie quite a shock, although they too have quickly become accustom to his new found drawing skills. This weekend half the group will be going into Mombasa for a city tour and some sightseeing, something we are all excited to have a turn at over the coming weekends. A majority of the group have now been in Kenya for over a month this week ‰ÛÒ we all cannot believe how quickly time is going, and are looking forward to the weeks to come.