They say time flies when you are having fun. The Camp Tanzania season has ended and it is time to sit down and look back, reflect on our entire season. So many volunteers came through this year and so much was done, targets were met and heaps achieved.Volunteers have been busy making a difference, leaving a mark on all projects that were assigned to them. Just to sum up sum up the kind of work that we were involved in: we are children... Community development projects: -Dining Hall construction (Mbokomu School) -Art work (Kidia/Mbokomu) -Kitchen/food store (Kidia) -Tree planting (Kidia) -Teaching (Mbokomu/Kidia) -Furniture repairs (Mbokomu) Wildlife Conservation -Animal census -Ranch maintenance/habitat restoration -Elephant Dung Paper production And we have had some real tangible achievements as always: -Dining hall roofing half done -Half the inside of the Dining hall-plastering complete -Lots of learning aide on both schoolsäó» walls (art work) -Plastering/window fittings on Kidiaäó»s kitchen done -40 Desks/tables and 35 chairs repaired -2800 seedlings planted -Hundreds of poacher snares removed from Ndarakwai ranch Mbokumu Dining Hall And this should not mean that life in Camp Tanzania is ONLY work and no play. We have had our fair share of Quiz nights, fancy dress parties and games nights that were a big laugh. Who switched the lights off?? Volunteers also had a chance to visit the most beautiful sandy beaches on Zanzibar Island. This has always been a well deserved rest and recreation chill out after the heavy manual labor that they endure whilst in Moshi. However, a season does not just end like that in camp Tanzania. We always have a reason to party and this year was no different. We had our end of season farewell party just before all volunteers started packing their suitcases and head off in different directions. We live like one humongous happy family here and it was evident when emotions flew all over the place. Volunteers and staff sat and enjoyed their last meal around a bonfire and danced together. lean on me...lean on my...head Later on, it was exchanging of gifts and presents. La liga was going to be the place to wrap up the evening. Basket weaving Tanzanian Style! What an eventful 2009. Happy Holidays! Tommie Karisa Operations Manager (Tanzania)