From the Canon Slade Tanzanian Mountain Expedition After 8 hours flight followed by another 1 hour flight we finally arrived in Tanzania. We went to Camp Mbokomu first where we spent the first week doing project work at the local School making a veranda (which we did in record time) and carpentry where we made two Tables for the School‰Ûªs Dining Hall. It was an amazing camp and a great way to start the expedition. As we got a warm welcome from both the School children and staff. A great way to finish our community work and to end our time in camp was for us to join in their sports day (which they quite easily won). Bringing us back to reality, we left Camp Mbokomu and began our climb up Mt. Meru. We climbed for 3 days, the first 2 days being relatively fun and enjoyable. The 3rd day (if being woken up at 12 countsåÊ as the start of a new day) was where it went down hill. (even though it was a very steep uphill). With no idea of our surroundings or what was even in front of us, we began our summit climb to Mt. Meru. Thankfully, we had amazing Guides who helped us all keep going (even when we were scrambling across the Rocks). After 8 and a half hour climb, we made it to the top of the mountain with only one student having dropped out of the summit climb. It was a difficult struggle but it was overlooked once we made it to the top and saw the sunrise. Coming off the mountain we went to Camp Meru where we worked with the locals and we taught in School. It was so cute as we taught them songs and they sang to us. It was an amazing experience and something we‰Ûªll never forget. Cutting our time at Meru camp short we went on our safari trip, which was another incredible experience seeing the wildlife and how different it all is from the Zoo…(But watch out for the Monkey who steals your food!) After our relaxing time on safari we arrived at Camp Miti Mirefu where we were back to hard work doing animal conservation project. We did a variety of things such as; 1.åÊåÊ åÊDigging water holes 2.åÊåÊ åÊMaking Paper out of Elephant poo (It does not smell) 3.åÊåÊ åÊVisiting a local Masai village We really enjoyed this experience as it highlighted the difference in our lives. We are now moving to Tanga next for out last week where we will do some more community projects. Our time here has been an eye opening experience and something none of us will ever forget. Canon Slade Team!