Our trip to Tanzania has been incredible, satisfying, as we have had a great experience while helping the community

We started with construction of a new classroom foundation at Mbokomu School then moved to Kidia where we learned to Control; soil erosion by use of recycled sulfate empty sacks filled with sand.

In Tanga we have had an amazing time learning the skills to fashion an entire traditional house out of local building materials (mud, sticks and strings)

The local project leaders working with us were very knowledgeable and good teachers who always had a smile on their faces. Themselves

We‰’re welcoming and accepting us. We had the privilege of interacting with the children, playing hand games and learning dance.

This experience helped us to improve our Swahili and immerse ourselves in a culture so different from ours. Truly, this has changed our perceptions of our lives immensely,

Witnessing how little many of the people we‰’ve met have and how they cope with the struggle which, for us, could be solved with the snap of our fingers.

Since we spend so much time in the village we all have a permanent impression of the people we met and the Environment we worked in which is vital. So that we arrive

home with a new appreciation of our lives. The Camp couldn‰’t have been a better end to our expedition; we have created so many lasting memories from playing

Volleyball in the ocean to being taught how to weave by the children to tales shares by the amazing staff. Out of all the trip we have made, Camps international stands as the most idyllic accommodating and rewarding one.


Blog by St Margaret School