We welcomed our June gappers into Peru recently and they have got off to a great start on our community projects, and had a lot of fun in the process. They started work in Cusco, plastering the wall that our last group of gappers built.  They will now go back and paint a mural to create a better living environment, as well as a much safer home, for the children within the orphanage.

They then travelled over to Camp Titicaca to re-start projects there, we are building a green house for the local community so that they are able to grow fruit and vegetables year around.  

We will be providing lessons in the process and then nutrition classes in the near future; we are hoping to improve the local diet in the community. This process has started with them creating adobe (mud) bricks.

As well as this they have been taking Spanish lessons, with the brilliant Jorge, and are continuing English classes in the community.

Our group also got to the visit the beautiful Isla Taquile and the Uros islands. These are man made floating islands where the community has lived the same way for centuries.

Of course, the group is also taking part in the daily volleyball challenges to try and beat the kitchen staff.  Camp life also includes bon fires, meals, hard work and lots of fun, photos below!