About a year ago we were approached by a group of nurses who were keen to get out of their comfy practices and give their time to communities who really needed their help…and so our Healthcare Outreach Programme was born. Last week a group of 23 healthcare professionals (and a couple of chaps who wanted to tag along) flew out to Kenya for two weeks of sun, sea, sand and jiggers (Google it!) and halfway through their programme they seem to be having a whale of a time. In their own words… “[We are] having the most unbelievably amazing time! Hot, sweaty and knackered but enjoying being with some great people and seeing some extraordinary things. It’s going to be hard to explain just what it’s like here. Treating hundreds of people with a variety of hideous ailments and treating the dreaded “jiggers” in kids and some adults. ?Have ridden a camel and seen some elephants and monkeys so far. Two more days of work then beach day and then…Safari!” “Having amazing time, did clinic yesterday. We saw over 500 in 6 hours…. Off to a different village today to do it all over again. The organiser said it was a record!…” “Another busy clinic today, going out to remote villages who haven’t seen healthcare at all before. Lovely kids have smuggled a few!”   “On our way back to camp now for shower and tea. Wormed 540 school kids! Searing heat! Nose looks like rudolf as so red!!…I love it here!!!” Keep an eye out for more updates on what this incredible team have achieved during their short time in Africa