Kulen Mountain is one of Cambodia’s national parks. It stands behind the camp Beng Mealea about 11 km away. From 802 AD – 879 AD, King Jayavarman II established the campital city of his great Khmer Empire in Kulen Mountain and carved thousands of Hindu Gods in the river bed with glassy water flowing to the waterfall. In the 15th century, King Ang Chan brought the Buddhism and added it to Kulen, and the huge reclining Buddha carving was made on the top rock of the mountain. Since that time, Kulen mountain has becomes a very famous worshipping place for Hindu people and Buddhist people, and it is also a very popular place for weekend holiday. Moreover, Kulen National Park owns a vast jungle area and it gives natural medicines to cure the sick people.

We organize the trekking tour for our summer team to explore and to experience this park after their community project days in Beng Mealea. The tour is 4 days tour and everyone start to trek from the camp. They go through some rice fields, jungle, river, and climb to the mountain to the sunrise camp. Next day, they trek through the thick jungle, see the trees, traditional medicine plants, wildlife, and finish the day at the sunset camp. Next day, group explore the hidden ruined temples including the bat cave, elephant temple and pond. They end their trek at the waterfall after noon and get refreshing. BBQ is the last farewell for the group and local crew.

Trek and climb to the mountan top. The jouney take 8 hours.

The water break time on the way to the mountain.

Enjoy viewing the beautiful landscape from the mountain top at the sunrise camp

The tent set and sleeping in the tent on the first day.

The river cross in the mountain

The waterfall at Kulen mountain

Local crew and BBQ party time on the last day