Photos courtesy ofÌâåÊMichelle Workman.Ìâ ‘I have had the most incredible experience with Camp KenyaÌâåÊduring the pastÌâåÊten days.ÌâåÊ We have been treated royally by everyone weÌ¢‰â‰ã¢ve met; especially by the staff.ÌâåÊ They have taken us in and showed us the utmost hospitality.ÌâåÊ Ìâ The animal watching has been profound Ì¢‰â‰ÛÏ a day hasnÌ¢‰â‰ã¢t gone by without being truly amazed.ÌâåÊ For anyone who loves elephants the experience has been second to none.ÌâåÊ There is nothing more magical than seeing elephants in the wild Ì¢‰â‰ÛÏ they move so silently and with such incredible grace.ÌâåÊ WeÌ¢‰â‰ã¢ve seen singleÌâåÊelephants and groups of up toÌâåÊtwenty.ÌâåÊ From the camp we observed an elephant train Ì¢‰â‰ÛÏ twenty elephants walking in a single line through the forest, we have been as close asÌâåÊten feet to a cow; andÌâåÊtwenty feet fromÌâåÊtwo cows with a calf.ÌâåÊ ItÌ¢‰â‰ã¢s all been amazing, but the best experienceÌâåÊwas an early morning game drive where we spentÌâåÊtwo hours at a watering hole watchingÌâåÊtwo separate groups of elephants drink, spray themselves and then a dust off to finish with. Even better than the animals has been the people.Ìâ Camp Kenya is involved in soÌâåÊmany projects which I hadnÌ¢‰â‰ã¢t been aware of and they have taken us to see the projects at the schools, which are so badly needed by the local peopleÌâåÊand so appreciated as well.ÌâåÊThe children have been particularly special; they wave and call Ì¢‰âÒjamboÌ¢‰â and have the most beautiful smiles.ÌâåÊ Education is so valued; the children walk up to nine km/day in bare feet just to get to school.Ìâ Adults have taken us into their homes and shownÌâåÊus wonderful grace and acceptance.ÌâåÊ They have so little and yet were so gracious in their reception and welcome.ÌâåÊ Where else in the world would people take complete strangers into their homesÌâåÊand tell or show us how they live. We feelÌâåÊ that weÌ¢‰â‰ã¢ve made a contribution towards theÌâåÊlocal community,ÌâåÊ WeÌ¢‰â‰ã¢ve made our elephant dung paper journals, cards, photo albums and are taking our respective creations home.ÌâåÊ Planting the jatropha seedlings was probably the most arduous project jobÌâåÊand likely toÌâåÊhave theÌâåÊgreatest long term effect.ÌâåÊ I will be interested to seeÌâåÊhow effective the hedge is in keeping the elephants insideÌâåÊthe sanctuary boundaries. Our last evening was the most magical of allÌâåÊ – a late afternoon game drive that finished high on a hill over looking the sanctuary watching the sun go down.ÌâåÊ Think Ì¢‰âÒOut of AfricaÌ¢‰âÂ.ÌâåÊ We haveÌâåÊthree days left to go and am anticipating what elseÌâåÊEast and West Tsavo will have that can top what weÌ¢‰â‰ã¢ve seen and experienced already.’Ìâ Allison RuaultÌâ Michelle watching the elephants at Travellers tented camp, Mwaluganje Making Elephant Dung notebooks and photo frames at the workshop Allison and Inge making dung paper products Game drive in Mwluganje Elephant Sanctuary Our last sundowners! The team that looked after us so well during our stay. ‘Our time with Camp Kenya has been really magical.ÌâåÊ The team are fantastic; so warm, welcoming and caring, weÌ¢‰â‰ã¢ve felt incredibly well looked after.ÌâåÊ The elephant sanctuary is amazing with the highlight having been watching a herd of ten elephants at the watering hole for over two hours, we were less than thirty feet away!ÌâåÊ The volunteer work has been highly fulfilling and has enabled us to feel like weÌ¢‰â‰ã¢ve given something back.ÌâåÊ Overall Kenya has been a wonderful place to visit, it is a nation of smiles!ÌâåÊ Anyone unsure about visiting should feel confident in the Kenyan people and Camp Kenya.ÌâåÊ We will certainly visit again.’Ìâ Vincent and Inge TaylorÌøåÀå_