åÊSouth Wirral, Devizes and Oaks Park School Expedition leave Makongeni on a real high and big thanks to all for wonderful village Olympics day… Week 1 ‰ÛÒ Camp Makongeni After a late start following an early morning arrival, we all enjoyed exploring Makongeni village with Abdul and Amos, meeting the locals and seeing the projects we would be working on for the next week. After lunch we all split into two teams, one heading to plaster the inside of a school, and the other team to a field, where we would be building a house from scratch for a local farmer. By the end of the first day, we were rather tired, but pleased to have cleared the area for the house and also managed to apply some plaster to the school walls using the traditional Kenyan technique as well as a few we created! Over the next few days, all the team switched between both projects and enjoyed working alongside the locals and learning new skills. The house (nyumba) proceeded very quickly, with foundations being dug and a wooden frame being constructed by the end of the second day. We then followed this up by digging large amounts of soil up to use in making mud bricks. Meanwhile the plastering teams had covered every wall of the classroom in plaster, with some team members becoming particularly skilled at Kenyan-style plastering! Following this, the walls were smoothed off and finished, ready for the next team to put in some windows. On our final afternoon of project work, the whole team worked on the house, and enjoyed making the mud bricks with their hands. After a long, messy but enjoyable afternoon, we were all proud of what we‰Ûªd accomplished in our first week! Let the games begin! Untitled The next day, there was a Sports Day between the three expedition teams and a team from Makongeni Primary school. We all competed in football, volleyball and netball under the boiling sun, with the team winning the Volleyball, but being hideously embarrassed by the Makongeni Primary team in the football. Following a tug of war contest between the Camp Kenya staff and the Expedition Leaders and Teachers (which we won by the way!), we handed out football shirts, books and balloons to the school children, who were overjoyed! We all sang together and then retired to camp tired but happy. (Click on the photo collage below to see all pictures…) We followed this with a well deserved R &R day at the beach! Overall, we have absolutely loved our week in Makongeni. The camp‰Ûªs staff have been very welcoming and friendly, so much that a lot of the expedition team consider Makongeni a home from home. Amos has been working with us all week, and has been teased about his catchphrases many a time! We‰Ûªll be sad to leave.