Just got a chance to catch up with our Family Life group who by the sounds of it had quite an amazing time at Camp Tsavo. They have just finished winding down on the beach and must say, I was quite jealous to hear that they saw cheetahs on Rukinga Wildlife Sanctuary four times! Ken, our Program Coordinator at Camp Tsavo has just sent a little snippet of highlights from their trip… It’s been quite a diverse month for us at Camp Tsavo. We have people from all parts of the world and ages. Needless to say, it’s kept us on our toes but that’s just they way we like it. And thus, what a welcome it was to have four different families with us compromised of 4 wonderful mothers and their children willing to brave the Tsavo outback and keep their hands dirty for two weeks! Family Life, Camp Tsavo After briefing and orientation I could read from their faces that they were excited and rearing to get on with the program.We spent quite a bit of time at at Sasenyi Primary School where we managed to paint 15 blackboards, made teaching posters, painted walls of new classrooms and also helped the children in writing penpal letters. While in the area, we also visited a few local homes surrounding the school and learned about some of the daily things which are so different from where our visitors come from yet so normal here like how to pound maize and how to plough using an ox! Family Life, Camp Tsavo No visit to Camp Tsavo is complete without going to say jambo to the mamas at Imani Women Group who are always so welcoming. Here, the families learned how to cook local food, make beads, how to weave baskets and also helped planting Vetiver Grass to help control soil erosion. At the end of the day, we joined the women in a traditional dance which they really enjoyed. Family Life, Camp Tsavo And my favorite part is when I get to spend time with people focusing on the beautiful wildlife and the environment even if it involves making paper from Elephant dung. And yes, we had a chance to learn very useful wilderness skills like building shelters (which I know will be very useful even in England!). Safari in Tsavo East with K. E. N is always a thrill and yes, we were lucky enough to see a lioness withåÊ four cubs. And in the sanctuary, we saw two cheetahs very close by four times! Family Life, Camp Tsavo My philosophy is simple: knowledge, experience, reliability, and quality and of course…”yes, we can!” Ken Wildlife Program Coordinator (Camp Tsavo) 100_0263