So we have been encouraging our summer School Teams to blog about their experiences while they are out in Borneo. With their own words, presenting WESTHOLME SCHOOL…Congratulations on the climb and good work guys! So far Borneo has been a blast. We have conquered the jungle trek, the mountain and even got very involved with the community work. This consisted of mud baths and a lot of sweat! Jungle Trek ‰ÛÒ We have taken part in a 4 day, 3 night jungle trek in which we retraced the footsteps of Australian and British allied prisoners of war when they were forced to undergo the Sandakan death march during World War 2. Our trek resulted in many blisters, bites, leeches and muddy bums.åÊ Despite this it was an amazing experience that we all thoroughly enjoyed. Mountain Trek ‰ÛÒ After a one and a half day rest at the luxurious longhouse in Sabah Tea we set off on our voyage up Mt Kinabalu ‰ÛÒ the highest mountain in SE Asia. This climb was very had work but we all managed to reach the summit in time to witness the sunrise‰Û_all we can say is that it was breathtaking. Walking down the mountain was a different story; it was pretty tough for all. Due to this once we had completed the whole of the mountain climb we were all very proud of ourselves, and each other. Community Work ‰ÛÒ We can safely say that most of us have now embraced the dirt. We have been smashing up concrete, digging foundations for the new community centre and recently we have moved on to a water feed in which we got down and dirty with the mud! Beth Parker must have enjoyed the mud more than anyone. We have also been doing some permaculture work at camp itself. We have created an area to grow crops in order to educate the local community about the techniques involved and increase environmental awareness on a wider level. Our stay here has been one we can never forget. The community have welcomed us with open arms and seem happy to see us here. They have also enjoyed the numerous football, badminton, rounders and volleyball games that we have played with the local children. So on the whole we are all having an amazing time‰Û_there is no need for you guys to worry at all. That‰Ûªs it for now‰Û_ BYE! All from Westholme School.