It’s not been an easy year for the majority of Kenyans and educational institutes and students across the country have had it harder than usual. The annual primary exams determine so much for an individual and school performances are watched very carefully. Sadly, some of the schools we work at have not done as well as the could have but we are not going to give up. Having said that, we just received an email from Mr. Thuku, the Headmaster of Sasenyi Primary and personally, I almost had tears in my eyes. For those of you who have known the state that Sasenyi was once in and how far it has come all these years, I think you will as well when you read the email below… Dear all, The Grade Eight National Examination results were released on Wednesday this week by the Minster for Education. Despite the Coastal region performing poorly, Sasenyi Primary celebrated success having produced the second best student in Taita-Taveta county. The boy scored 417 marks out off 500 marks. The best student nationally got 442 marks. The boy’s name was heard countrywide as it was placed åÊin the national newspapers. I attribute this success to the continued support the school is getting from your organization especially the food you donated to the school during that time of severe drought. During that time not many homes had enough food and your support made many students remain in school for the school was more child friendly than their homes. Today I was with the District Education Officer who was also very happy with the school’s performance and he told me that boy will be receiving a full bursary from the government. The second boy will also be receiving sponsorship from the Equity Bank Foundation in conjunction. with Master Card from Canada. SoåÊ I took year 2011 to be a year of blessings and I hope 2012 åÊwill be more than 2011. Wishing you all a prosperous 2012 full of Gods blessings. John Erustus Thuku Headteacher Sasenyi Primary School.

Team Sasenyi winners! Our Sasenyi team also came top in the Kasigau Bicycle Challenge!

  And what better way to celebrate this wonderful news than to announce yet another amazing initiative driven by a group of families that travelled with us last August. Like the rest of us, they were so touched by how positive and hospitable the people of Tsavo are despite the abject poverty. 5 months down the road, a container full of items for Sasenyi and Itinyi Primary has set sail on its way to Mombasa….this is the first attempt to get a container full of donations through to the communities so wish us luck that we can get it through the customs authorities. Thank you all and we will continue to do our best to give everything we can to growing the Camps Foundation with you… Tregaron, UK (cold and windy) 3 January 2012. A Happy New Year to you all. I am truly delighted to be able to tell you that we finally packed and loaded our container on New Year‰Ûªs Eve, and it is now on its way. Indeed, the good ship ‰Û÷Vanessa‰Ûª was scheduled to leave the port of Felixstowe on this very day, bound for Mombasa, though I suspect that the dreadful weather of today may have delayed departure. I wish her and her cargo a safe and secure voyage, a safe and trouble-free landing and transfer, and an equally safe and secure journey to Camp Tsavo. It will be received by Camps International and by Dipesh, who will also supervise distribution to Sasenyi and to other selected communities and locations, as considered most appropriate. I feel certain that the contents will find welcome and a deserving home. I will follow the progress of the good ship ‰Û÷Vanessa‰Ûª, and we will, of course, be delighted to learn of the arrival of the container at Camp Tsavo. Please take lots of photographs of these events, and particularly of the distribution of the contents. We bring you our sincere good wishes, and the very best of good fortune and happiness for 2012. Ian and the Prentice and Tillotson family.