Our Teams have been making good progress on the projects across the camps so far this season. 

Here are a few pictures of two of the projects on which we have been working, at Camp Maqui and Camp Kuri Kuchu.  They are very different in their nature, but very similar in their need for some hard labour.

At Camp Maqui we are building a water catchement system.  The water supply to the village at Camp Maqui is extremely unreliable, sometimes weak, sometimes bringing dirty water and sometimes bringing nothing at all.  Working with the local government, we are creating a dam on a small river about 500 meters up on the hillside above the village. That dam feeds water into a tank of around 50000 litres, from which we will bring a pipe to the village.  The small river sustains its flow reasonbly well throughout the year, and with the dam and tank it is hoped that we will establish for the village a reliable water supply year around. 

Much of the work involves lugging stuff up the hillside. 

At Camp Kuri Kuchu we are working on a cultural centre.  One of the aims of Camps across the world is to assist where we can with income generation in the communities in which we are working.  That takes many forms: for instance, direct employment, training, building infrastructure for artisanal production depending on local skills and traditions and helping to establish small, locally owned business.  In the case of Camp Kuri Kuchu this year, it is in helping with the development of tourist income in the area.  Camp Kuri Kuchu is less than an hour from Otavalo, in an area that receives tourists but which sees most of them head straight to the world famous market in that town.  We are working with the community to develop a cultural centre, which will help to preserve the knowledge and traditions of the local, pre-Inca, peoples and bring tourism dollars into the community.  The build uses traditional techniques, local materials (a lot of which is mud) and gives employment to local maestros whose knowledge and skill are essential to the successful completion of the task.  The project has various phases, not all of which we will be able to complete this year.  More work for the Teams of 2015 awaits.